About EMMA

The East Mamprusi Municipal is one of the 6 administrative MMDAs in the North East Region. It was established under PNDC Law 207 in 1988 by a Legislative Instrument (LI. 1456) with the capital at Gambaga.  Gambaga is a historic town lying next to the seat of the Nayiri, King of Mamprugu, and also the first headquarters of the Northern Territories. It is one of the oldest Municipals in Northern Ghana. It was elevated to municipal status in 2019 by a Legislative Instrument (LI.2274).

Out of it, the West Mamprusi Municipal was carved in 1988. In 2004, the Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo Municipal was also created to promote developments. The creation of the Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo Municipal resulted in the change of the LI to (LI.1776).  It therefore serves as the parent Assembly for West Mamprusi, Mamprugu Moagduri, Bunkpurugu   and Yunyoo-Nasuan Municipals.

The municipality has 142 communities with Five (5) urban and Zonal councils namely Nalerigu and Gambaga urban Councils, Langbinsi, Sakogu and Gbintiri zonal Councils. Nalerigu, Gambaga and Langbinsi are the largest human settlements with populations over 10,000. The municipality has 34 Unit Committees.

The East Mamprusi Municipality is located in the central section of the North-East Region of Ghana. The Municipal shares boundaries with Talensi, Nabdam, Bawku West and Garu-Tempane Municipals, all in the Upper East Region to the North, Bunkpurugu – Yunyoo Municipal to the East, Gushiegu and Karaga Municipals to the South and West Mamprusi Municipality to the West. It covers a land mass of 1,660sqkm, representing about 18.29% of the total land mass of the region(9072sqkm).

Source: East Mamprusi Municipal Assembly. 2020


The Nayiri is the King or overlord of Mamprugu traditional area and has council of elders who advise him. Mamprusi are the major ethnic group in the Municipality. However, there are also Bimobas, Konkombas, Talensi, Moshi, Chokosi and Hausa found towards the eastern part of the Municipality.