Social Protection and Intervention services for PWDs_2022


The total number of 622 persons with disabilities comprising of 296 males and 326 females have received some of form of social protection and intervention services within the municipality.

A 300 number of PWDs have received capacity building training, whereas 405 of them were trained in Income generating activities, about 632 of the PWDs have been registered on the National Insurance Scheme and a total number of 1062 are all beneficiaries of the school feeding program….
Kindly call for enquiries or complain on our dedicated hotline 0506340008 (Vodafone) and or 0535061912 (MTN)

SOCIAL SERVICES AVAILABLE AND ACCESSIBLE TO ALL (PUBLIC) (i) National Health Insurance Scheme (ii) Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) (iii) Complimentary Livelihood and Asset Support Scheme (CLASS) (iv) Labour Intensive Public Works (LIPW) and (V) District Assembly Common Fund for PWDs